About Us

The Centre for Climate Change Leadership in Organisations (CCCLO) was developed by Dr Doug MacKie, Organisational Psychologist at CSA Consulting. It is designed as a portal to support the leadership development of those working in organisations in the areas of Climate Change, ESG, CSR, Sustainability, Responsible Investment and Risk.

Purpose– The CCCLO exists to enable leaders in organisations to increase their awareness of and capability in sustainability and environmental leadership to ensure that organisations and their employees continue to thrive within the ecological boundaries of the natural environment in which they are embedded.

Vision– the vision of the CCCLO is that all leadership and leaders within organisations and corporations will fully integrate the concepts of responsible, environmental and sustainable leadership into their daily practice. This integration necessarily requires that all practices, products, processes and policies are aligned with and supportive of planetary boundaries and sustainable development goals.

Strategy– we achieve the vision by  raising the awareness and ability of leaders within organisations  to help them operate in a sustainable way that address the issues of climate change, biodiversity loss, and greenhouse gas emission reduction whilst remaining a healthy and profitable place to work.

Values– the values of climate change leadership include eco-centricity, stakeholder inclusivity, biodiversity, intergenerational empathy and radical collaboration.

Research– we are active researchers in the area of climate change leadership and are currently investigating the following research questions;

  1. What qualities and capabilities do climate change leaders have in organisations that are successfully mitigating the effects of AGW? What does success look like here, what variables are shifting and how can we independently verify that the change is substantive and meaningful
  2. What leadership models have enabled the success of leaders in these organisations?
  3. Why are so many organisations and corporations not responding to the climate crisis with meaningful change and committed action?
  4. What is the most meaningful and effective way to develop future climate change leaders in organisations?


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